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14 Habits of Happy Men

August 2, 2013 By RHP Staff

Satisfying routines and activities to help achieve happiness and health.

A man’s happiness isn’t all about a cold beer and grilling, but it is close. Our poll took a look at a diverse group of men that included musicians, chefs, stock brokers, grand dads, lawyers and bottle washers and came up with the following list of activities and satisfying routines that help men achieve health and happiness.

A.M. Workout

Several of the men surveyed found they favored an early morning work that included playing tennis, running, walking or an indoor workout. They found that it set up the rest of their day both mentally and physically. Fitness experts have praised the many benefits of exercising in the morning and believe that it contributes to a boost in energy and a positive mood throughout the day. Most men that work out in the morning found it easier to stay with an exercise program too.

Making Room for Alone Time

Finding time to spend with family and friends is extremely important in order to achieve happiness. However, making room for alone time is also a necessity among men. It can be as simple as reading the Sunday newspaper with a cup of coffee before the family gets up or watching a favorite T.V. show alone. Some men surveyed chose to do something creative or educational while others wanted to vegetate and shut off their brain for few moments. Most chose mornings as their preferred time of day, although there were a few night owls in the group too.

Bonding with the Guys

Male camaraderie is especially important in the group of men that was polled. Bonding with the guys over hot wings and a cold beer evokes feelings of happiness and contributes to numerous health benefits. Research has shown that forming new friendships and reinforcing old ones over a game of pool or at a favorite sporting venue is good for your psychological welfare and longevity.

Date Night

It doesn’t always come up in conversation on nights out with the guys, but men can be protective about making time to spend with their significant other. Busy dads with a myriad of activities at work and home know the importance of date nights to help stay connected to their loved one. Couples committed to spending alone time together away from children and other household obligations seem to argue less and have better problem-solving skills when tensions arise at home.

Sports and Leisure

Men reap just as many benefits as children do with regular softball, hockey and baseball games. Some of the benefits include social interaction, mental sharpness and keeping on top of their physical skills. Experts on the subject note that healthy adult competition can play an important role in men’s lives and make them happier and more productive throughout their busy day.


Self-help books and seminars can provide you with the tools to effectively manage your time and organize your daily tasks. Fortunately, you don’t need someone to tell you that in order to achieve peace of mind; you need to tackle the chaos. An excellent way to organize your life starts with a calendar. Write down where you need to be and the jobs that need to get accomplished. Cross off each of the items on your list as you finish them.

Implement an Exercise Regimen

Implementing a regular exercise regimen can invoke feels of accomplishment and satisfaction in men. Some of the guys polled favored a vigorous run, weight lifting workout, an early morning swim and biking to work. A normal exercise routine can promote numerous health benefits such as improving sexual performance, combating diseases, controlling weight and mood boosting properties. The Surgeon General reported the coalition between a sedentary lifestyle and heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and stroke.

Giving Back

Feelings of happiness also included giving back to others. Men in our survey felt that volunteering, giving to charity or doing something nice stayed with them for the entire day and made them feel better about themselves. Getting a thank you lets them know that their work was appreciated and brings fulfillment to their lives.

Decadent Fare

Dieting and watching what you eat is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but the occasional decadent meal such as a juicy steak, comforting bowl of pasta or pancakes and syrup evoke happiness in every man. Enjoying a big meal or tasty snack in moderation is deserving of every male, especially after a brutal day at the office.

Relaxing with Family

Whether it’s enjoying a favorite T.V. show, board game or making pizza together, relaxing with the family helps keep men happy. This not only opens up the lines of communication with your children and spouse, it provides an opportunity to do something fun together. This is also beneficial to your children and gives them the tools to grow up to be responsible and confident young adults.

The Company of Family and Friends

A meal shared with family, friends and loved ones tantalizes a man’s senses and sends signals of enjoyment to the male brain. Simple pleasures such as sitting around the table conversing, sharing a glass of wine, and indulging on good food defines serenity for many in our poll.

Musical Entertainment

Musicians and novices felt that sitting down at the piano or playing the guitar relieved tension and melted away stress caused by a chaotic day. Other creative activities such as woodworking, painting and working on cars tapped into a different side of their mind and brought men fulfillment as much as playing an instrument did.

Quality Time with the Kids

One of the leading sources of happiness among fathers surveyed included time with their children. It could be because men are just overgrown kids or they enjoy feeling the strains of youth again, many found that they wanted to catch whatever moment of alone time they could with their kids. Time spent on the drive to practice, waiting for the school bus or a nighttime chat before bed was precious to each of them.

Outdoor Walk

An invigorating walk outside can reduce stress, anxiety, tiredness and depression. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape and get your heart pumping, it can also be beneficial to your mind and spirituality. Whether you walk around the neighborhood or find a scenic spot along a local nature trail, getting outside for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes each day can be peaceful and help relieve stress. Walking is also easy on the joints and can help those suffering from arthritis.

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