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7 Foods That Fight Aging

August 15, 2013 By RHP Staff

1. Avocado

This green, pear shaped fruit contains monounsaturated fat, a compound found to protect cells from free radical damage. Eating avocados daily can improve mental clarity, skin texture and bone density. Boron is a mineral that is important to the absorption of calcium and can aid in preventing broken bones. Toxins are another component that contributes to the aging process. Fortunately, avocados have close to 14 grams of fiber and can help speed up the removal of the premature aging toxins. Avocados are delicious when served in their natural form and best eaten when ripe. You can incorporate this protein enriched fruit in soups by adding cucumber and fresh mint. Another great idea is to place it in a favorite wrap with baby greens and wild salmon or mix in slices of avocado with your favorite salad.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is considered a must-have pantry staple. Known to contain important antioxidants that enhance the body, turmeric’s curcuminoid pigments can also protect brain and skin cells from free radical damage. It has also been shown to improve an individual’s focus, mental awareness and can reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

This warm, peppery spice can add depth to your favorite dish such as a coconut, almond milk and banana smoothie. After harvesting a bounty of vegetables this season, you can also sauté kale or spinach in coconut oil and turmeric.

3. Juice Your “Greens”

Give yourself a gold star if you’re a juicer. Juicing has a host of benefits, especially for those who mix their favorite greens into a healthy beverage. Because it breaks down the walls of the plant cells, you’ll find that the nutrients are absorbed quickly into your system, with little digestive effort. One eight-ounce beverage of your favorite “green” juice is equal to consuming two salads without the dressing.

You can take advantage of what each season has to offer with items such as cucumber, spearmint, fennel, kale, dandelion greens and spinach. Add apple, kiwi and lime into the mixture to prevent oxidation.

4. Arctic Char

If you’re looking for the nutrients of salmon without the harmful effects on the environment, arctic char is an excellent nutrient for you. Farmed in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner, it can contain similar amounts of omega-3 fatty acids as wild salmon. Anti-aging benefits can include reduction in wrinkles, brain clarity, improved eyesight and protection against sun damaged skin.

For optimum use, you can pan-sear the salmon and place on a bed of kale or watercress. Add a touch of citrus such as grapefruit sections or orange segments.

5. Hijiki

Hijiki should be included in your next sushi adventure. This pasta-like sea vegetable is loaded with iodine and works in tandem with the thyroid hormone to boost an individual’s metabolism level. Since it’s loaded with fiber, it can also aid in the detoxification of the liver and regulate hormone levels.

Hijki is an ideal texture for individuals who are on a gluten-restricted meal plan. Simply soak it in water, boil for approximately 10 minutes, and you have a dish that resembles pasta. It can also be added to a bowl of mixed greens and tossed with avocado, hemp seeds and tangy pumpkin seeds.

6. Hemp Seeds

No need to break out the Birkenstocks and tie-dye. The consumption of hemp seeds can be beneficial to your skins cells by promoting radiance and firmness. Hemp seeds are the only edible source of omega-6 fat which can contribute to the health and condition of your skins appearance. It’s also an excellent source of protein for those who adhere to a plant-based diet.

Heat and cooking can destroy the delicate oils in hemp seeds, so you’ll find them to be most beneficial when eaten raw. They can also be tossed in your favorite kale salad or protein-enriched mango smoothie.

7. Chlorophyll

No need to do penance for your food sins. Chlorophyll makes up the green pigment in plants and can be purchased in liquid form. Made from mulberry leaves or nettles, it can help countermand the effects of alcohol, coffee and non-organic foods.

Try making your own chlorophyll beverage by mixing chlorophyll with filtered water. You can also flavor to the drink by adding fresh mint or cucumber. A green tea smoothie mixed with chlorophyll is also nutritious and delicious.

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