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7 Myths (and Outright Lies) About Male Hormones

May 28, 2014 By Dr. Gruss

1. Outright Lie: DHEA is a dangerous “anabolic steroid drug.”

In 2007, a campaign of lies about DHEA was spread in the halls of Congress. Printed material distributed by lobbyists for Big Pharma claimed that DHEA was a dangerous “anabolic steroid drug” and a law was introduced that would make DHEA available by prescription only. Fortunately, due to the activism of many Americans for freedom to take dietary supplements, the law failed to pass.[i]

The claims were scientifically false and intentional lies. According to the conservative Council for Responsible Nutrition, “The proposition that DHEA is any way comparable to illegal anabolic steroids is invalid and unfounded.”

They continued: “DHEA is not an anabolic steroid, its use is not associated with the anabolic and side effects that accompany anabolic steroid abuse, and the potential for DHEA abuse by athletes is remote.” [ii]

The question is, why is Big Pharma so threatened by DHEA that it would go to all this trouble and expense to try to outlaw it? No one really knows. But could it be that taking DHEA helps men stay so young, healthy, sexy and yes, even better looking that it threatens the profits of the “sickness industry?”

The TRUTH is that DHEA is not a dangerous steroid and can help many men stay active and virile as they age.

2. Outright Lie: A natural DHEA pill doesn’t work to boost male hormone levels in the body.

You may have seen headlines that “dietary supplements don’t work.” It’s a flat out lie about DHEA.

A study of DHEA conducted by 23 leading researchers at the most prestigious hospitals and research centers in France revealed that levels of DHEA-S and other male hormones skyrocketed in older and younger men taking 50 mg a day of DHEA compared to men taking a placebo “sugar pill.” (DHEA-S is the sulfated form of DHEA and is chemically similar.)[iii]

DHEA-S and Other Male Sex Hormones Skyrocket in Men Taking 50 mg a Day of DHEA for 6 Months

Scientists say, “Youthful Levels of Hormones RESTORED!”

Men under 70 – DHEA-S More than triples

(All measurements nmol/L.)

DHEA supplement group — Levels went from 2.90 to 10.4 – Sky rocket!

Placebo group — Levels went from 2.65 to 1.81 – Dropped like a rock.

Men over 70 – DHEA-S Increases more than 4 times

DHEA supplement group – Levels went from 2.44 to 10.3— Moon shot!

Placebo group — 2.14 to 1.44 – Dropped off a cliff.

Other male hormones also increased. ADG, a hormone that turns into testosterone, more than doubled. The placebo groups stayed about the same.

A 2004 Italian study found that taking 25 mg a day of DHEA significantly increased levels of DHEA, DHEAS, total and free testosterone, adrostenedione plus other hormones.[iv]

The TRUTH is that taking a supplement of DHEA is an economical and safe way to boost testosterone and other male sex hormones.

3. Outright Lie: Viagra and other Pharma erectile drugs are the only solution to erectile problems.

Doctors have been told by Big Pharma that their expensive drugs are the only solution to erectile failure. It’s simply not true.

According to one of the world’s leading researchers on testosterone, Dr. A.A.Yassim, restoring normal levels of testosterone is the key to solving erectile failure.

Viagra does not increase testosterone.[v]

Dr. Yassim is one of the researchers who discovered what happens to the penis if testosterone levels get too low. It’s not pretty.

Low testosterone CRUSHES your penis.

Normal levels of testosterone hold the cells, tissues and fibers of your penis together so you can keep an erection and have a healthy sex life.

Low testosterone causes the cells, tissue and nerves to disintegrate leading to floppiness and membranes that fail to hold blood in place in the penis. Low testosterone literally crushes the cells and nerves.[vi]

In a study of lab animals (rats), penile membranes of rats with normal testosterone were “very rich, arranged regularly, and undulate.” These rats had normal erections.

Rats with no testosterone had thin and stiff fibers and tissues and no erections. [vii]

The TRUTH is that the health of men’s penises requires testosterone – and Viagra won’t help that.

4. Myth: Boosting testosterone raises your risk of prostate cancer.


Fortunately, leading medical journals like The New England Journal of Medicine and European Urology, among others, have destroyed this myth.

The NEJM reviewed 72 published studies and found no compelling evidence that replacing testosterone increases prostate cancer.[viii]

European Urology stated that there is no scientific basis to the commonly held belief that testosterone stimulates prostate cancer.[ix]

Many doctors, however, are still not up to date on the latest medical literature. The fact is, boosting testosterone is essential for many men’s health.

Testosterone improves:[x]

Low levels of testosterone are associated with[xi]

The doctors who promoted this myth were wrong – dead wrong. Men need healthy levels of testosterone to stay strong, vital, healthy and sexually active.

5. Myth: Taking DHEA won’t help your sex life.

Wanna bet? DHEA is the precursor to testosterone and what happens when you raise testosterone in men with low testosterone?

You get an increase in[xii]

Taking a supplement of DHEA is associated with higher levels of energy, well-being, enhanced libido and erectile function. The average dose is 50 mg a day.[xiii]

Now, who wants to take that bet? Anyone? Anyone?

6. Myth: Hormones like DHEA have nothing to do with losing weight and reducing belly fat. The only thing that works is to eat less and exercise more.

One of the cruelest myths for many Americans is that all they have to do to lose weight is eat less and exercise more. Weight loss experts now know that is not accurate. Balanced, healthy hormones are the key to successful weight loss – especially to getting rid of dangerous and ugly belly fat – and keeping it off.

A study in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that older men and women who took 50 mg a day of DHEA[xiv]

Increasing DHEA is crucial for successful weight loss.

7. Myth: There’s no such thing as an “anti-aging supplement.” Taking DHEA won’t help you look better, feel better and live longer.

I’ll take this bet, too. In fact, I’ll double down on this one! Okay, let’s take these one at a time.

DHEA Helps Men Look Younger

Everyone knows that when you look younger, you feel younger. And one of the keys to looking younger is your skin. If your skin is dull, wrinkled, splotchy and dry you just look older.

The French research study mentioned above found that taking 50 mg of DHEA a day[xv]

The researchers concluded that taking 50 mg of DHEA a day resulted in improvement of the skin which can help men look younger and feel younger.

Plus, the JAMA study above revealed that 50 mg of DHEA daily helped older men lose weight, especially belly fat. Taking DHEA helps you get slimmer and more attractive.

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