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The 14 Best Things You Can Do for Your Body


Hard working individuals can often be sleep deprived. Unfortunately, your sleep patterns can contribute to your health and wellness. The effort and time that you put into eating a healthy diet and exercising will be ineffective if you’re not getting the required seven to eight hours of sleep each night, especially if you try to play a game of catch up on the weekends. Researcher’s findings suggest that a lack of sleep can play havoc with the brain’s ability to flush out harmful toxins. It can also impair the way the brain functions properly.


Thought to be a passing trend, meditation is a popular method of exercise that packs a serious health punch. While the om-ing party is optional, you’ll find that taking a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes to relax, focus and unwind on a regular basis can help improve a person’s mental capabilities and longevity. Studies have also shown that meditation can help individuals obtain a better night’s sleep, improve the body’s immune system, strengthen cardiovascular function and reduce stress. Because you’re disconnected from the problems associated with everyday life, you’ll find that you can retain a more positive and happy attitude through meditation.

Refresh with Warm Water and Lemon

It’s important to start your day off right with a nutritious breakfast, as it can set the tone for the remainder of your day. Try to select something rich in protein and fiber, as it will keep you satisfied and less prone to snacking. However, starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon can help detoxify the body and stimulate your intestinal track. It can even give you that caffeine-free energy boost needed to get you through a busy day.

Floss Those Pearly Whites

In addition to brushing your teeth, you’ll find that regular flossing can improve your health and wellness. Gums that are ignored can get infected and cause bacteria to build up. It can then enter the body’s bloodstream and cause inflammation and infection. Try to floss after each meal or at least once a day to get rid of food and particles littering the mouth’s atmosphere.

Consume More Tea

Water aside, consuming green tea on a regular basis has a host of benefits that include boosting your metabolism, improve mental capabilities, lower blood pressure, reduce bad breath and strengthening the body’s immune system. Research also shows that the consumption of green tea can also provide anti-inflammatory agents to aid the body.

The Popularity of Probiotics

Probiotics have been the hottest topic in recent commercials and magazine articles. In order to maintain overall good health, the answer may lie within your digestive system. In order to keep your digestive system smooth and regular, you’ll want to consume a probiotic product every day. In addition to regularity, probiotics can also boost your mood and strengthen your immune system.

Warm-up Before Exercise

Individuals who started their routine with static stretching before exercising had reduced strength as opposed to people who followed a proper warm-up routine. The latest studies has shown that people who began their exercise regimen with a muscle warming routine that included high skips and lunges enhanced their performance and enjoyed an injury-free workout.

Stay Fit with HIIT

Studies from Liverpool John Moores University suggested that high intensity interval training (HIIT) can garner similar benefits that you would normally get from endurance training. However, you’ll spend about half the time or less at the gym to gain the same outcome. While any type of sweat-induced workout is crucial to your health and wellness, HIIT can improve your level of fitness and combat diseases that include diabetes, heart ailments and hypertension.

Steer Clear of BPAs

Bisphenol A is a chemical that is used in producing many of today’s common household items such as cans of food and water bottles. Over the years, the effects of BPA have commanded a bit of controversy. Based on the latest findings, being exposed to BPA can cause serious harm with issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and reproductive problems. However, the FDA has evidence to support both sides of the debate. You can steer clear of BPAs by purchasing products in glass bottles and avoiding recycle codes that state 3 or 7 on the bottom.

Implement a Proper Skincare Regimen

Since your skin is one of the biggest organs, you need to take proper care of it. This means that you should begin your day by liberally applying sunscreen after you’ve cleansed your skin. You should also carefully choose your skin care products and avoid chemicals and other harmful toxins. You can read labels carefully and avoid products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These items are harmful and could strip your skin and hair of special nutrients needed to retain moisture. They could also prove toxic when mixed with other skincare ingredients.

Limit UV Rays

Slathering your body in sunscreen is especially important in preventing sun damage. However, you can go a step further and protect your eyes with the right sunglasses. The UV protection that sunglasses provide can keep your eyes healthy and protect them from cataracts, sunburn and skin cancer. UV-400 and 99-100 percent do the best at providing the proper eye protection.

Go Green

Antioxidant-rich leafy green vegetables should be added to your menu at every meal. They are chalk full of nutrients and can help prevent cancer, control weight management and keep the body regular. You can also supplement with a green powder such as spirulina if you’re pressed for time. This greenish-blue form of algae is high in protein, B vitamins, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and zinc.

Enjoy the Benefits of Fiber

Fiber is the main component to eating a healthy diet, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. In addition to keeping your body regular, fiber can aid in weight loss and contribute to your longevity. It has also been shown to moderate the body’s inflammation, reduce blood pressure, lower bad levels of cholesterol and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Make Love

While you may not have to be told to have more sex, you’ll find that research is in your favor about regular time spent underneath sheets. Regular sex has a variety of benefits that can enhance your sleep habits, make you feel and look more youthful, boost your immunity, improve your cardiovascular health and protect against cancers. Research has also shown that you can live longer too, so go ahead and get busy!

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