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Three Super Foods to Boost that Libido

There’s no great mystery involved that by eating a healthy diet you’ll be in top shape. You may even find yourself performing at peak levels……in bed! With the following three super foods added to your daily diet, you may experience your heart pumping faster, blood racing to all the right extremities and an extra helping of yum.

Scallops Scallops are chalk full of zinc. Zinc is necessary in both men and women to retain a healthy sex drive, fertility, potency and good sexual health that can be enjoyed into your golden years. The mineral is necessary for sperm production and low amounts have been blamed for a decrease in testosterone levels and a reduction in semen production.

Almonds Almonds have a host of benefits such as zinc, vitamin E and selenium. All of these trace minerals benefit your sexual health and can contribute to a healthy reproductive system.

Cherries Cherries go beyond average and are considered a “super food” packed with antioxidants and melatonin necessary for promoting good sleep cycles. They are also rich in beta carotene and vitamins C, E, magnesium, iron, potassium and folate. Cherries have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce soreness and pain related to a great workout at the gym or in bed.

To achieve optimum performance and a side of zing:

Stay Physical: Staying in shape and keeping active can increase testosterone levels in men and increase self-confidence for everyone.

Little changes mean BIG results: Simple changes such as reducing stress, getting adequate sleep and eating a healthy diet loaded with zinc can reap big results.

The Key is Stamina: If both parties are physically fit and feel attractive, you’re sure to feel confident, exude sex appeal and perform better in between the sheets. Stamina is everything, so get eating!

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